“The reality is, risk is a variable. Those in the financial world know it.”- Jason Fried

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Financial risk management is being formally practiced for decades if not centuries using conventional as well as unconventional methods to help identify and manage the risk of financial loss. However, since last few decades it has emerged as a formal discipline of study and research.

Today financial risk management has evolved into a business function with a sharp focus on identification, assessment, reporting, monitoring and management of financial risk, than just being a department of treasury.

Post 2007-08 financial crisis, the banks and financial…

“…next generation of innovators and leaders need to be great design thinkers” — David M. Kelley

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Design thinking is a layered premise. It’s one of those overly used and highly misunderstood business jargon like ‘analytics’ or ‘strategy’. But it’s neither a new nor a radical concept. It has been there long enough with us as one of the core human behaviors. However, we decipher it now as a conscious phenomenon to leverage it as a strategic lever for growth, tool for innovation & as business enabler.

Just like every other business domain, Design Thinking has registered its presence in the…


Author is a Technology Consultant in Banking and Financial Services domain with a deep interest in Quantitative Finance, Financial Risk & Corporate Finance.

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